Marks of Quality Care

At San Jose Behavioral Health, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in behavioral health treatment. Our superior level of expertise in evidence-based mental health treatment and quality of care provides a wealth of benefits to those entrusted into our care.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

In order to increase public knowledge of current mental health trends and resources, San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital is happy to join forces with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Better known as NAMI, this organization supplies information, resources, and support to individuals all across the United States so that they can access the care needed to live healthier lives. Through our partnership with NAMI, we will continue to raise awareness and offer comprehensive treatment to help individuals within our community heal from mental health concerns.

Joint Commission

At San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital, we are proud be accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission, a not-for-profit organization, sets and gauges quality standards for healthcare providers to ensure safety and quality of care for patients. We are always working to supply the highest standard of care possible, and we will continue to uphold the Joint Commission’s guidelines for providing excellent clinical services.

Jason Foundation

As a premier provider of adolescent mental health treatment, we, at San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital, are pleased to support the Jason Foundation’s mission to increase awareness of youth suicide. We recognize the damaging effect that suicide has on the lives of those we treat, and we are committed to helping end this silent epidemic. In partnership with the Jason Foundation, we provide ongoing staff training and programming aimed at treating at-risk youth who may be experiencing suicidal ideation.

We have only had very positive experiences here. Top notch staff and care. The professionals know what they are doing and we're very lucky to live close to here.

– Karen D.