Continuing Care Treatment Program Serving the Silicon Valley Area

At San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital, we’re committed to helping our adult and adolescent patients meet and exceed their treatment goals while building a strong foundation for long-term recovery through a variety of programming options.

Ensuring Continuity of Care

At San Jose Behavioral Health, we know that each of our patients is on a lifelong journey towards better mental health, and as a premier mental health treatment center in Silicon Valley, we are honored to be a part of each person’s journey.

For many people, inpatient care is only one step along the path to health, and at San Jose Behavioral Health, we recognize the role that we can play in improving our patients’ health. We actively intervene to give each patient the best possible chance of continuing his or her upward trajectory after discharge.

Two of the primary ways that we ensure continuity of care are by providing individualized treatment planning and by engaging in discharge planning from day one. Each patient at San Jose benefits from individual attention and a custom-designed treatment plan that is carefully tailored to meet his or her needs and goals for treatment. In addition, we also recognize that the intent of inpatient care is to allow a person to stabilize so he or she can return to his or her everyday life, so we begin discharge planning from the first day of treatment.

Discharge Planning

Through the process of discharge planning, we help our patients identify stressors, develop skills, and build insight into their disorders. As a result, our patients are discharged with a better understanding of their own struggles and a more effective toolbox for dealing with problems that arise. We also value the support that community interventions, such as outpatient therapists and support groups, can provide, so we work closely with external and referring providers in each patient’s community to ensure that our patients have support waiting for them once they return home.

We are pleased to be a place where individuals with mental health disorders can come to heal, and we work hard to give each patient the best possible chance of continuing to heal after discharge. If you or someone you love might benefit from the care we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. Today could be the first step towards a brighter tomorrow.

The doctors really cared and took the time to listen to me. I felt really good being heard and having a say in my treatment.

– Mackenze Q.