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San Jose Behavioral Health helps individuals struggling with suicidal ideation build a strong foundation for healing and recovery. Located in the heart of San Jose, our state of the art hospital is the leading provider of mental and behavioral health treatment for adults and adolescents.

Learn More About Suicidal Ideation Treatment

Learn More About Suicidal Ideation Treatment & Recovery at San Jose

Suicidal ideation is a relatively broad term that refers to having thoughts about ending one’s own life. Having fleeting thoughts about suicide and developing a detailed plan about how, when, and where a person will end his or her life are examples from both ends of the suicidal ideation spectrum. Suicidal ideation may occur in the aftermath of a particularly distressing or upsetting occurrence, or these thoughts may be symptomatic of a mental health disorder. Depressive disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and bipolar disorder are among the types of mental illness that can increase a person’s risk for thinking about or attempting suicide.

Regardless of what has prompted a person to engage in suicidal ideation, this is never a problem that should be ignored. Thankfully, with effective treatment, individuals can experience relief from their thoughts of suicide. At San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital, we are prepared to provide the comprehensive care that can identify and alleviate the underlying issues that have led a person to engage in suicidal ideation, and we can empower that person to overcome these thoughts and pursue a healthier and more promising future.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Suicidal Ideation Treatment

Suicide, though a sadly common occurrence in the United States, remains somewhat of a taboo subject for discussion. Unfortunately, an unwillingness to speak openly about this problem can complicate efforts to identify and assist individuals who have been experiencing suicidal ideation. If you suspect someone you care about has been having thoughts of suicide, the time to act is now. Please consider the following:

  • Express your concerns to your loved one. Do not avoid him or her directly if he or she has been thinking about suicide. Having an open and honest discussion can literally be a life-saving experience.
  • If you believe that your loved one is in immediate danger of suicide, get professional help immediately. Call a suicide prevention hotline or, if the risk is imminent, call 911.
  • Resist the urge to panic, judge, or blame. You do not have to solve all of your loved one’s problems with one conversation. Your purpose with this initial discussion is to assess the level of danger that he or she may be facing.
  • If your loved one is not an immediate risk for suicide, or once the immediate risk has passed, research treatment options and identify programs that appear to offer the type and level of care that your loved one needs.
  • Remember that suicidal ideation is often a symptom of a mental health disorder or underlying issue. Just because your loved one is no longer in immediate danger of suicide, this does not mean that he or she is no longer in any danger. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security. Get professional help for him or her.
  • Get help for yourself, too. Enlist a small group of trusted family members or friends who can help you to ensure your loved one’s safety, investigate potential sources of professional help, and encourage your loved one to enter treatment.
  • Do not ignore your own physical and emotional needs. Caring for a loved one who has been experiencing suicidal ideation can have a taxing effect on your own health. Make sure that you are eating properly, getting adequate exercise, and accessing mental health support if you need it.

It cannot be emphasized enough that suicidal ideation is often symptomatic of a mental health disorder and that recovery from this disorder can be a long-term effort. Plan to provide ongoing support to your loved one before, during, and after he or she is in treatment.

Why Consider Us?

Why Consider Suicidal Ideation Treatment at San Jose Hospital in San Jose, CA

When looking for suicidal ideation treatment, you or your loved one may have been searching broadly for “mental health rehab centers near me?” In San Jose, CA, there is one clear choice. Suicidal ideation may indicate that an individual is experiencing an anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, or another mental health disorder. Failing to get professional help once the immediate risk of suicide has subsided can put the individual at risk for continued, and worsening, problems. Mental health disorders that are associated with suicidal ideation can cause myriad problems in an individual’s life, and can preclude him or her from fully participating in a healthy, productive, and satisfying lifestyle. Depending upon the specific disorder that prompted the suicidal ideation, failing to get effective treatment may result in occupational failure, job loss, family discord, strained interpersonal relationships, substance abuse, and myriad additional negative outcomes. Of course, these continued struggles also increase the likelihood that the individual will struggle with diminished self-esteem, hopelessness, and further suicidal ideation. However, with the effective comprehensive care that is available at San Jose Behavioral Health, men and women who have been struggling with suicidal ideation can overcome these self-defeating urges while also getting help for the underlying issues that prompted these feelings in the first place.

Types of Treatment Available

Types of Suicidal Ideation Treatment Offered at San Jose Hospital

San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital is an 133-bed inpatient treatment center where adult men and women ages 18 and above can receive comprehensive and compassionate care for a wide range of emotional and behavioral health issues, including suicidal ideation.

Men and women who are being treated for suicidal ideation at San Jose Behavioral Health will work in close collaboration with multidisciplinary teams of experienced professionals. Our staff features board-certified psychiatrists, internal medicine physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, mental health therapists, activity therapists, and mental health technicians.

Our treatment center places a premium on providing personalized care that has been customized to address the specific strengths, needs, and treatment goals of each person who heals with us. As a result, no two patients will have identical treatment experiences at San Jose Behavioral Health. Depending upon the specifics of a patient’s individualized plan, his or her treatment may feature the following elements:

Medication management: Prescription medications have proved to be quite effective in alleviating symptoms associated with certain mental health disorders, including those with symptoms that include suicidal ideation. In order to ensure that all patients have the optimal opportunity for a successful treatment experience, we may incorporate medications into treatment plans when clinically appropriate. Patients whose treatment includes prescription medications will meet with a psychiatrist on a daily basis, and may also receive medication management services from members of our nursing staff.

Individual therapy: All patients, including those who are being treated for suicidal ideation, will have the opportunity to participate in individual therapy sessions during their time in treatment at San Jose Behavioral Health. These one-on-one sessions between a patient and either a psychiatrist or mental health clinician allow the patient to process issues related to his or her treatment, address topics that he or she may be hesitant or unwilling to bring up in a group setting, and receive invaluable feedback from an experience professional. Individual therapy sessions at San Jose Behavioral Health are scheduled on an as-needed basis to ensure that all patients receive this form of therapy at the frequency that is most appropriate for them.

Group therapy: Group therapy is a fundamental element of treatment at San Jose Behavioral Health. Patients who are being treated for suicidal ideation will have the opportunity to attend multiple group therapy sessions every day. These sessions, which will be led by registered mental health clinicians, activity therapists, registered nurses, or mental health technicians, are excellent opportunities for patients to learn from the insights and experiences of others, share their own thoughts, and practice skills such as giving and receiving support, expressing empathy, and communicating effectively. Types of group therapy sessions that are available at San Jose Behavioral Health include process groups, activity therapy groups, educational groups, and didactic groups.

Experiential therapy – As its name suggests, experiential therapy occurs in a more immersive and hands-on environment than do more traditional forms of talk therapy. At San Jose Behavioral Health, we provide patients with a variety of experiential therapy opportunities through which they can continue to make clinical progress while discovering new ways to express themselves and/or learn healthier ways to fill their leisure hours. Our experiential therapy offerings include expressive arts therapy, recreation therapy, and music therapy. These sessions scheduled on an individualized basis to ensure that each patient receive the type and frequency of experiential therapy that best meet his or her unique needs.

Family support services: At San Jose Behavioral Health, we are well aware of the degree to which an individual’s struggles with suicidal ideation can impact close friends, family members, and other loved ones. We are also cognizant of the essential role that loved ones can play in an individual’s recovery, both during and after his or her time in residential treatment. As a result, we provide patients and family members with the opportunity to schedule family meetings or family therapy sessions on an as-needed basis. These sessions, which are led by a mental health clinician, provide a structured and supportive environment in which family members can address how they have been affected by the patient’s mental health problems, heal intrafamilial rifts and strengthen family bonds, and learn how to develop the skills that allow them to provide the best possible support for their loved one.

Discharge planning: Planning for a patient’s discharge and ensuring that he or she has the ongoing support that he or she needs begins the day that the patient enters our program. When a patient has completed his or her time with us, he or she will have a thorough plan that identifies the services and resources that will put him or her in the best position to maintain and improve upon the progress that he or she made while in treatment for suicidal ideation with us.

San Jose Behavioral Health is your choice for suicidal ideation treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best mental health rehab near me? At San Jose Behavioral Health, we are dedicated to providing the focused personalized care that will best prepare our patients who have been experiencing suicidal ideation to experience continued success both during and after their time in treatment with us. For more information about our services, or for answers to specific questions about how we may be prepared to serve you or someone you love, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to make the most informed decision.

After dealing with suicidal thoughts and ideations for years, I finally decided to seek help. San Jose treated me as a priority and their comprehensive care gave me hope. I am doing much better now... thanks to San Jose!

– Taylor D.