Our Vision, Mission, & Philosophy

San Jose Behavioral Health helps individuals struggling with psychiatric and mental health disorders build a strong foundation for healing and recovery. Located in the heart of San Jose, our state of the art hospital is the leading provider of mental and behavioral health treatment for adults and adolescents.

Our Vision

The vision of San Jose Behavioral Health is to become the premier provider of behavioral health services in Silicon Valley and surrounding communities. We will accomplish this objective by providing a positive and supportive environment to patients, families, referring professionals, and the members of our staff. At San Jose Behavioral Health, we will remain committed to serving our patients and their families to the best of our ability, encouraging the personal and professional development of our staff members, and being a positive presence within the communities that we serve.

Our Mission

The mission of San Jose Behavioral Health is to provide superior psychiatric treatment to all that we serve.  We are committed to providing resources, information, and assistance that is necessary to best prepare our patients to meet their treatment objectives and achieve sustained recovery. We will remain at the forefront of the effort to provide effective personalized care, and will employ the science-based and research-supported methods and modalities that are best suited to meeting the unique strengths, needs, and objectives of each person who is entrusted into our care.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the most effective psychiatric care employs patient-centered and strength-based treatment approaches that are individualized for each patient and are provided by multidisciplinary teams of treatment professionals. To be most beneficial, this care must be provided in a supportive atmosphere in which patients, family members, and professionals all play active roles in the recovery process and are all treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

We have only had very positive experiences here. Top notch staff and care. The professionals know what they are doing and we're very lucky to live close to here.

– Karen D.