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San Jose Behavioral Health helps individuals struggling with adjustment disorder build a strong foundation for healing and recovery. Located in the heart of San Jose, our state of the art hospital is the leading provider of mental and behavioral health treatment for adults and adolescents.

Learn More About Adjustment Disorder Treatment

Learn More About Adjustment Disorder Treatment & Recovery at San Jose

When a person experiences significant mental health difficulties in response to a life stressor, he or she may be struggling with an adjustment disorder. The distress associated with this disorder can be significant and can impair a person’s ability to function well in his or her everyday life.

Fortunately, at San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital, we have extensive experience treating individuals with adjustment disorders. We understand the adverse impact that this disorder can have on those who suffer from it and we are committed to providing top-notch care that allows our patients the best possible chance to heal.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Adjustment Disorder Treatment

When a loved one is struggling with an adjustment disorder, it can be overwhelming and confusing to figure out how to help him or her. However, you are not powerless; consider the following steps:

  • Learn as much as possible about adjustment disorders. Because adjustment disorders are tied to a particular stressor, it can help to understand major stressors in your loved one’s life. In addition, consider speaking with treatment professionals and reading books and reputable websites.
  • Explore options for treatment. Different treatment centers offer different formats for treatment and different interventions, so by learning about various treatment centers, you can begin to develop a sense of which treatment centers may be a good fit for your loved one.
  • At some point, it will be important to discuss treatment with your loved one. He or she is likely in crisis, so approach him or her with patience and understanding while also sharing your observations. Your loved one may respond in a variety of ways and may have difficulty acknowledging the need for treatment. Your job is not to force your loved one to seek care or to issue ultimatums. Rather, you should patiently encourage your loved one to get help and allow him or her to pursue treatment at his or her own pace.
  • When your loved one is ready to enter treatment, help remove any barriers that interfere with his or her admission. For example, you might help by arranging for transportation and childcare and preparing meals. In addition, you can set up appointments with treatment center staff and support your loved one by accompanying him or her to those appointments.
  • During your loved one’s time in treatment, try your best to remain an active source of support. Also, make time to take advantage of any family programming your chosen treatment center offers.
  • Perhaps most importantly, do not forget to take care of yourself. You are one of your loved one’s best allies, but you will struggle to be of help to him or her if you are depleted and exhausted. As such, make time for personal hobbies and other activities that replenish your reserves. In addition, actively seek out assistance from close friends and family.

Why Consider Us?

Why Consider Adjustment Disorder Treatment at San Jose Hospital in San Jose, CA

When looking for adjustment disorder treatment, you or your loved one may have been searching broadly for “mental health rehab centers near me?” In San Jose, CA, there is only one clear choice. If left untreated, adjustment disorders can severely disrupt virtually all areas of a person’s life. A person’s work performance is likely to suffer, possibly resulting in demotion, job loss, long-term unemployment, and financial strain. In addition, adjustment disorders can strain social and romantic relationships, leaving a person with limited social support. Adjustment disorders can also cause medical issues to become more severe or to take longer to heal as a result of poor compliance with a recommended medical regimen. People with adjustment disorders can also suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

Types of Treatment Available

Types of Adjustment Disorder Treatment Offered at San Jose Hospital

An 133-bed treatment center located in Silicon Valley, San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital is a premier treatment center that provides treatment for individuals struggling with mental health disorders such as adjustment disorder. Our campus is nestled among rolling hills and offers a serene view of the surrounding landscape.

Our treatment center aims to be the premier provider of behavioral health services in Silicon Valley and surrounding communities. We are committed to providing patient-centered and strength-based treatments that are customized to meet the needs of each person who comes to us for treatment.

Individuals who come to heal with us will benefit from regular interaction with our multidisciplinary treatment team that includes board-certified psychiatrists, internal medicine physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, mental health therapists, activity therapists, and mental health technicians.

Our experience has shown that patients have the best chance of success in treatment when they are provided with individualized treatment. As such, we collaborate with each patient to develop a treatment plan that addresses his or her unique needs for care, thus providing each patient with the best possible chance for treatment success. We offer a range of interventions to help our patients heal. These interventions include:

Medication management: For individuals who would benefit from including medications in their treatment plans, we provide medication management services. These services include daily visits with our psychiatrist and management services with our nursing staff.

Individual therapy: Many patients struggling with adjustment disorder benefit from one-on-one therapy. These therapy sessions provide a safe and intimate setting where patients can process their experiences in treatment and discuss issues relevant to their growth and progress towards health. Individual therapy sessions are conducted by our psychiatrist or other mental health clinician and, consistent with our individualized approach to treatment in other areas, are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Group therapy: Groups are the foundation upon which treatment at San Jose Behavioral Health is built. Individuals who are in treatment for adjustment disorder attend multiple groups per day, and these groups allow them to build their skills, give support to each other, and walk alongside others with similar goals. These groups are led by mental health clinicians, activity therapists, registered nurses, and mental health technicians and include process groups, activity therapy groups, educational groups, and didactic groups.

Experiential therapy: Experiential therapy gives patients, especially those struggling with adjustment disorder, a chance to use their full spectrum of resources to heal. These experiential therapies include leisure and activity therapy, art therapy, recreation therapy, and music therapy. These sessions are available as-needed based on each patient’s treatment goals and needs.

Family support services: We recognize that a person’s mental illness does not just affect him or her, but that it affects an individual’s entire support network of family and friends. However, we also believe that family members can be an invaluable source of support and can be powerful allies in a patient’s journey towards better health. As a result, we are happy to provide family therapy sessions, led by experienced mental health clinicians, that give family members a supportive environment in which they can build their relationships and heal rifts that have separated them and prevented them from being a cohesive family unit. These sessions are available on an as-needed basis.

Discharge planning: We recognize how important continuity of care is for our patients. As such, we begin discharge planning from day one of treatment to ensure that each patient has resources available to help him or her continue the progress he or she has made once he or she is discharged. Discharge planning provides each patient with links to the resources and services that can maximize his or her chances of continuing to heal after discharge.

San Jose Behavioral Health is your choice for adjustment disorder treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best mental health rehab center near me? At San Jose Behavioral Health, we are well-equipped to help individuals with adjustment disorder find the support and care they need to learn to manage their symptoms and move into a healthier, better life. If you or someone you love might benefit from the care we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing the effective care that can enable you or someone you love to heal.

After my wife lost her father, she just couldn't be her old self. After trying several types of treatment and therapy, we decided she needed more comprehensive help. We admitted her at San Jose and she said it was like a breath of fresh air. With the help of the staff, she was able to overcome her loss and has since returned home and is doing much better.

– Barry W.