Individualized Mental Health Treatment Programs Serving the Silicon Valley Area

At San Jose Behavioral Health, we understand the unique ways that individuals are impacted by behavioral and mental health disorders, and we recognize the need for age-appropriate, individualized care that is designed and provided with the needs of each person in mind.

Medication Management

The symptoms of certain mental health conditions can be alleviated by the proper use of prescription medications. San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital offers medication management services to adults who can benefit from such services. Patients will meet daily with a psychiatrist during their stay in our center, and may also receive medication management services from members of our hospital’s nursing staff.

Individual Therapy

Adults who are healing at San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital will have the opportunity to participate in individual therapy sessions with an experienced professional. These one-on-one meetings are excellent opportunities for men and women to address issues related to their health and recovery that they may be hesitant or unable to discuss in a group setting. The frequency of individual therapy sessions at our center is determined by each patient’s needs and goals.

Group Therapy

Groups are an essential component of treatment for adults who are healing at San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital. Multiple groups are scheduled on most treatment days at our center, with each patient’s level and frequency of participation based upon his or her personalized treatment plan. Group therapy sessions in our hospital allow participants to share their thoughts and experiences, learn from the insights of others, and practice productive communication skills, all with the guidance and supervision of an experienced professional.

Family Therapy

At San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital, we understand how friends and family members may be impacted by an individual’s mental health struggles, and we also appreciate the significant role that loved ones can play in supporting a patient’s continued recovery. For these reasons, we offer family therapy sessions on an as-needed basis when desired and clinically appropriate. Family therapy sessions are safe and supportive environments in which all participants can learn how to function as a healthier unit while supporting each other’s continued growth and development.

Discharge Planning

Because we understand that an adult’s time in treatment at San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital is likely to be just one part of his or her continued recovery effort, we place significant effort on preparing thorough discharge plans. By the time an individual is ready to leave our center, he or she will have a detailed plan that will identify the resources and services that will enable him or her to maintain and build upon the progress that he or she made while in our care.

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In the San Jose Behavioral Health Adolescent Program, we are dedicated to providing the focused, personalized care that will best prepare young people to overcome the mental and behavioral obstacles that have been preventing them from achieving to their greatest potential.